DOOH & CTV: A duo of touch points to help brands optimize brand recognition

Connecting with consumers throughout the buying journey is always a top goal for marketers. Through channels such as connected television (CTV) and digital outdoor advertising (DOOH), brands and agencies can easily launch strategic campaigns targeting specific audience groups. while still achieving mass scale. The duo of touchpoints CTV and DOOH has been growing tremendously in the past few years and is expected to be an effective advertising combination.



So what does this context mean for advertisers?

❓Will the combination of DOOH and CTV help brands maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns?

❓How will the increase of Programmatic on DOOH and CTV affect communication efficiency?

Let’s find out with Goldsun Media Group through the following article!


Many users have started to switch from traditional TVs to internet-connected TVs

CTV is simply understood as a TV connected to the internet. Since the pandemic, more and more people have switched from traditional TVs to internet-connected TVs, giving brands the flexibility to change the way they interact with consumers. Marketers are shifting their budgets to focus on CTV as Netflix or Disney invest heavily in content, attracting audiences to interact with this online platform. CTV is expected to reach $32.6 billion globally by 2026.


Budget for DOOH advertising channel is growing rapidly

Developed based on traditional outdoor billboards, DOOH is a communication channel established to reach potential customers through the presentation of advertising videos on outdoor screens. With advances in data and programming technology, marketers can now apply DOOH in the same way they are using other digital channels. Thanks to the incredibly rapid pace of development and adoption, DOOH ad spend is expected to grow to $25 billion globally by 2025.


Connect with the consumer journey – Increase brand awareness with DOOH and CTV

According to the Marketing Automation Report 2020 published by Omnisend Research, brands that use a combination of media channels have a 287% higher purchase rate than campaigns that focus on only one channel. Extending the reach of a campaign to include both CTV and DOOH can ensure that audiences are constantly reminded of the label’s message whether at home or out.

The multi-channel combination between DOOH and CTV helps marketers maximize the impact and effectiveness of advertising with a seamless message chain, creating a strong impression during the user’s brand experience. Data triggers such as mobile proximity or location data allow advertisers to determine which audiences have been exposed to DOOH ads. These consumers can then be retargeted with advertising through internet-connected TV devices, reinforcing the brand’s message both outside and inside the home.


The need and increase of the Programmatic process with DOOH & CTV

The term “programmatic” refers to the automated process performed by algorithmic artificial intelligence technology to optimize the delivery of advertisements based on visitor behavior. Programmatic advertising is an automated method that optimizes the acquisition and distribution of advertising space to maximize communication with potential customers.

The growth of programmatic on DOOH and CTV allows advertisers to create seamless multi-channel experiences. Thereby, both DOOH and CTV ads can target specific audiences by following the same parameters set by the DSP. Advertisers can create TV show and DOOH campaign content based on contextual cues in CTV, or can even use the same content for both channels to drive continuous messaging. and make an impression in the mind of the customer.

As programmatic advertising becomes popular, along with changing consumer behavior, the integration between CTV and DOOH is predicted to be the new advertising trend of campaigns. This way, advertisers can bridge the gap between brands and customers more quickly and easily.

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