01 / LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

The advertising message of marketers is what makes the moment of waiting for the elevator no longer boring!

02 / DP (Digital Poster)

Awkward moments standing with strangers in the elevator can be so much more meaningful with colorful advertising images from talented marketers!

03 / Billboard

We guarantee that Marketers’ messages will be widely spread, regardless of displaying location.

04 / LED Billboard

The advertising solution is only for modern marketers who want to assert their brand position.

05 / Wifi marketing

Converging the traditional and digital OOH advertising. Goldsun Focus Media promises to consistently provide the best displaying quality of Wifi Marketing Airport Digital System.

06 / Airport Advertising

Let us be your “wings” to fly. Goldsun Focus Media guarantees to provide the best and most diverse advertising display system in every major commercial airport in Vietnam.


Goldsun Media Group knows customers’ needs so we have been developing and expanding our retail plan for different budgets and scale, depending on brands’ campaigns.