Goldsun Media Group is the top corporation in Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising in Vietnam, owning a display system with wide coverage and diversity in forms. Not only providing advertising service, but Goldsun Media Group is also a Revenue-Generating Solution with our “Multi-platforms Multi-touchpoint” System.

With that mission in mind, we are relentlessly expanding our business; at the same time, initiating innovative methods and solutions to analyze and interact with the targeted customers.

Goldsun Focus Media, one of the outstanding members of Goldsun Media Group, was founded in 2006 as the product of the collaboration between Goldsun Media Group (Vietnam) and Focus Media Holdings (Shanghai). After 15-year long of persistent development, Goldsun Focus Media has always been one of the leading corporations in OOH advertising in Vietnam.

The largest Digital OOH system in Vietnam

Business Philosophy

Innovation for optimization (Innovative to optimize) Bring the brand “jump” into customers’ minds

Goldsun Focus Media is the only Vietnamese enterprise that owns an advertising system with nationwide coverage, diverse forms such as billboards in inner cities and on highways, DP/LCD/LED displays at airports, apartments, office buildings, commercial centers, supermarkets, and wifi marketing at major commercial airports nationwide.


Social Reponsibility


    At Goldsun Focus Media, we believe in the positive impact on the community. At Goldsun Focus Media, we believe that outdoor advertising platforms need to bring added value to the communities that receive our messages.
    For urban viewers, we are trying our best to bring about city beauty, modernize and digitalize the cities’ media systems.
    For areas that allow advertising spaces such as domestic and international airports, or buildings, we guarantee marketing synchronization to create a seamless experience so brands will naturally “jump” into customers’ minds.

    Goldsun Focus Media is an active member of the Vietnam Business Council for Sustainable Development (VBCSD).

    We are always consistent with the orientation of using the power of our system to accompany and promote Vietnamese brands through a series of projects and programs of great social significance, thereby creating a foundation for talents to grow.

    Goldsun Media Group’s executive boards and staff understand the importance of the balance between work and the value of social and charity services.
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    Audience of the screen system in the elevator lobby area are mainly office workers and young residents in high-class apartments. This is a strong audience in terms of both volume and quality, with a good financial background and purchasing power, as well as extremely picky when it comes to making decisions between brands.
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    With a coverage of 80% (50/63) of provinces and cities, Goldsun Media Group is the only unit with an advertising communication system that is WIDELY SPREAD in geography, RICH in form and DIVERSE in how it is displaying approach.
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    GFM covers a wide range of advertising screens in a variety of medium and high-rise buildings, including office buildings, apartment buildings, complexes and large supermarkets nationwide.
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